Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the deal is seal

5th February 2012 is just a date. but a special date for me. because the deal is seal. ouh, i'm officially booked to a man that i really love for the rest of my life. inshaAllah...

meet the hug-gable teddy bear, Mr. H.. loolololol... after 1 year we met, then we promised to get marry next year (inshaAllah). we still getting to know each other. still learning and studying about us :)) thanks Allah finally i met someone that can guide me. the one that i really looking for after 26 years ago. this first and last boyfriend i ever had

alhamdulillah majlis berjalan lancar walaupun ada berlaku tragedi ala-ala bridezilla. oh sungguh keji perangai ni.. 

di hari kejadian.. masa tu tak rasa apa2 pun. nervous tak, sedih pun tak.. bila flashback tengok gambar2 ni semula, baru rasa sedih. sedih la, semua orang dalam gambar ni doakan hubungan kita. kita kena pegang semua doa orang yang doakan kita masa ni.. sob sob.. 

no dais because i don't want it. i just need minimize decoration for my bedroom. that's all. why need to waste so much money to rent a dais for few hours that can cost almost rm1000? 

this is one of my favourite wedding favors in the goodie bag. yeah, got 5 stuffs inside it. but my dream is a cookie jar and a colourfull button cookies inside it. button cookies is a nostalgic cookies *wink wink* everybody will love that buttonaires.. 

hantaran from me to him. 7 berbalas 9. my cousin only snap 4 close up photos of the hantaran :( i hope more pictures coming in from other photographer because i'm really wanna see it on camera. 

this is the most fussy thing in the engagement preparation. i don't want such a dulang tembaga, or bakul anyaman or kotak and whatsoever. because i knew it will end up dusty. what such a waste. hence, i decide to have a white plate that bought from the ssf. it was made from a glass. and really need to handle with care. 

memang ada tragedi pun my lil' cousin terlanggar dengan kaki lalu stand dia pecah. memang dah pfffttt... terus pukul budak tu lalu dia nangis. kah kah kah. puas hati aku. nasib la tak pecah teruk, the stand break separately from the body, so it still can glued it up with gum pistol yang ajaib..

this is hantaran for me. i got telekung, kain, buah, choc moist cake, 3 set of towels, cincin yang wajib ada (wink!) dan penghulu segala hantaran; sirih junjung!

mak orang kuat. juga abah. even though got some drama about this engagement day, but then everything is going fine. that is all lessons for me. without them, i was nothing in this world.. 

actually banyak shot2 yang terlepas yang saya nak... this is some of the masterpiece..

dan last sekali aksi kami yang gedik2.. kakakak..

we are engaged! love is sweet, given or returned ~ ~ may this relationship lasts till the end. till death do us apart

p/s: ari sabtu birthday saya, tak sabar nak celebrate as a fiance! never celebrate as a girlfriend too. tapi tahun depan still tak sempat celebrate as a wife :(

with love,