Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just when you thought it all have ended here

Just when you thought you don't have any friends left beside you. You working, you have fewer time for yourself. Your day are 9-5 every weekdays. Just when you thought you have the weekend, you have to catch up with your laundry, spring cleaning, watching your favorite movie with your family and friends. By the end of it you realize its Sunday and its already your bedtime for tomorrow Monday blues. You don't even have the luxury like those were the days in your undergrad. You starts to count one by one who's your real friends are.

You hated the feeling. You love your job but you hate getting up early in the morning for the knowledge that you still have 4 more days to wake up early. You hated you have to manage your holidays because you only have 22 days per year. You hate that everybody have to take the same road that you take every morning. You hated the sight of a greasy school kids shouting at each other, calling each other names happily and laughing their ass off to a joke that was not even a joke to begin with. You lost your sense of humor. You are drawn with your ambitious career for the sake of savings to pay up loans to took to buy a house. You watch BBC for god's sake.

But if you really think of it, you do have a good life. You went to a good college. You once laughed you ass off to a joke that wasn't a joke to begin with. You broke rules by playing fire crackers in college premises and run as if you've a ghost, forgot you left your friend by getting in the car to drove off. You went to karaoke and sang until your head's off. For those who had their birth date you have the chance to crack eggs on their faces. When exams season, you spent quarter of your day in the department top floor with friends that love to annoy you by asking so many electronics questions. you studied so hard you didn't realize its already morning of the exam day. You graduated with good results though you wish you had studied hard enough to get first class. You have a decent job. You can afford to go shopping almost every week and you are proud of yourself. Don't you think you deserve a big applaud?

So you decide it is tome to move on. Be in the next chapter of your life. To be where you are suppose to be when you are already 26. You know you haven't lost your sense of humor because your friend's laugh explained it enough. You know you still have your real friends when they leave an "i miss you" msg on your YM. And your holidays are more fun than previous one because you can afford more than you did before. Isn't it lovely like the daisies?

I have always thought I have my life at the tip of my finger. I've my life sorted out already like a homemade recipe just ready to be made. I would write about my hopes and dreams and future wannabes in a diary/paper; like I would have a master degree and become an engineer and I would then fold the paper and prepare the ingredients needed. I would work my ass off to get the most delicious homemade success based on the recipe written. So by the time I would have to open it back, I can make sure a few of them can be checked accordingly. And by that time, I can't help myself smiling or even letting out the sound 'heh' while I read through it. Proud.

What's your chapter of life right now?

hugs and kisses,

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