Friday, September 13, 2013

how to keep entertainment area tidy and neat?

this is a question. I didn't give you answer.. hehhehe

because I still couldn't find solution and best way yet. I hope u can help me.. :)

I have a console table in our bedroom. which is placed a laptop for my husband. and he will play computer games there. thus, there are lotsss of stuff on the table.

they look neat, but.....
shame on me :(
I just want a best solution how to keep the headphone, game controller, laptop charger in a neat way..
please help me :((
thank you!



  1. entertainment area semua kat living area..semua dalam satu pakej..hihik..tempat hubby layan game dan naruto

    1. ni sebenarnye tak tau nak categori apa.. tapi aritu dah beli kotak kat daiso. so dah kemas la sikit. hehhehe


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