Thursday, November 10, 2011

Messy Lasagna

everybody knew how to prepare lasagna, Garfield's favourite food. it is simple as ABC or 123. heheh. the red sauce can be prepared as what you do for bolognese spaghetti. Atas sifat tamak, saya buat 6 layers of lasagna... wahahahah.. sangat lah mendemokkan..


red sauce
minced beef
tomatoes (diced)
puree tomato
carrot, mix vege, capsicum
holland onion

  1. saute onion till golden and add in minced beef
  2. stir till fry, put in puree tomato and other stuff.
white sauce
fresh milk
all-purpose flour

  1. heat the butter, put flour and stir
  2. add some milk till the sauce is thicken.
  1. grease your pan, or casserole depends on things that you used :)
  2. put lasagna sheet at bottom layer.
  3. and layer it with red sauce, white sauce and grated cheese.
  4. at the top layer, put the red sauce and cover it with cheese
make sure you boil the lasagna sheet first. oh, it is cheesy yet yummy.... slurrrrpppp

cook with love,

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